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Skilled Expertise:

Christopher Smith and Rory Butler are both Senior Attorneys and Department Chairs at the Law Offices of Blake Fulton Quackenbush. Their experience in Alaska Law is exceptional as both attorneys have mediated, litigated, and settled dozens of cases. As Senior Attorneys and Department Chairs, they are well-versed in navigating complex legal matters, ensuring a thorough and informed mediation process.

Personalized Approach:

Our attorneys understand that each mediation is unique. Their personalized approach tailors the process to meet the specific needs and concerns of those involved, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that paves the way for successful resolutions.


The Right Team of Attorneys can Make the Difference.

I met with a few lawyers before retaining this office. I worked with Marc and Trent for much of my divorce process and with Blake at the end. I found their advice helpful as I tried to navigate thru an extremely hard time. They understood not only the law but how to help me feel as comfortable as possible thru this process. They listened to my concerns and knew how to help me. They understand the hardships a divorce places on not only the parents involved but also cared about my kids too. In the end, I'm grateful that I chose to work with them through my divorce. I will refer anyone that goes through a divorce to them.


Great to work with! Extremely professional and always available when needed. Worried about personal well being and always looking for ways to help solve problems that arise. Much appreciated and definitely recommended!!!!


Blake and his staff are top-notch professionals. They were well suited to handle my complex divorce that included multiple businesses, holdings and child custody. They were always timely, responsive and thorough with all communications. I would highly recommend their services should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstances of Divorce.


Blake and his staff were very professional from the initial consultation till the entire process was complete. Always willing to explain everything and available at any we had a question including after hours. Very reasonably priced and definately knew had all the resources needed to help us through our business case.


I hired Blake needing full custody of my child and he followed through with everything I needed. I got awarded full custody without much stress. He answered all my questions and prepared me for the court hearing. He is very supportive and positive. His staff also answered any question I had quickly and I got everything I needed from them. Highly recommend, very professional.


Blake Quackenbush was AMAZING! He was always in contact with me regarding my case, and always had answers to all my questions! We ended our case with a big win!



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