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The death of a loved one is a trying time. If the deceased has property not addressed in a qualified trust, the probate process is necessary to allocate out the assets not addressed in a trust. Even when the deceased has a qualified Will, the probate process is required to close out creditors and properly execute your loved one’s will.

The probate process is also encouraged for deceased spouses, even when the surviving spouse will inherit the whole estate, as this will allow for property titles to be transferred into the surviving spouse’s name and will simplify the process for the surviving spouse’s future estate. Probate may also be necessary if there is a disagreement between beneficiaries and heirs regarding the assets of the deceased.

The process of opening and handling probate can quickly become a tedious and complicated process. Even for estates where there is little to no property, this process can be challenging to navigate. The professionals at our firm are trained to handle the details and complexity while showing compassion and understanding for the difficult time the family is going through. Contact our office today to discuss your probate needs today.

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