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What happens when that act of an individual or institution leads to an amputation endangering that ability to lead a normal productive life?  As an accidental amputee, what rights do we have?

The Law Offices of Blake Fulton Quackenbush, your local, trusted, personal injury attorneys, have the answers and services you need to get what you deserve. We provide aggressive, highly trained, and knowledgeable attorneys who can represent you in complex personal injury cases involving dismemberment. We know how to get you a fast and fair settlement.

A time limit known as the “statute of limitations” can affect whether you are able to obtain a settlement for damages associated with dismemberment, so contact us today to discuss your rights.

Working With Insurance companies:

Dismemberment may include more than just the loss of a limb. Being dismembered can also include the loss of speech, hearing or vision. If you’ve been denied fair compensation because the insurance company says there was no dismemberment, call BFQ Law for a second review of your policy to determine if you were wrongfully denied.

Insurance companies train their adjusters to create and or find loopholes to deny legitimate  claims in bad faith. Our firm will aggressively litigate your dismemberment case to bring you the justice and settlement you deserve.

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Significant Limitation

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